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If you’re unhappy with the appearance of skin tags on your face or neck, Integrated Dermatology of Newton-Brighton offers in-office skin tag removal. At their offices in Brighton, Needham, and Mashpee, Massachusetts, Mark Amster, MD, and the team focus on the safe removal of bothersome skin tags without damaging your surrounding skin. If you have painful or unsightly skin tags, learn more about skin tag removal by calling the Integrated Dermatology of Newton-Brighton office nearest you or by booking an appointment online today.

Skin Tag Removal Q & A

What are skin tags?

Skin tags are benign skin growths that develop on the surface of your skin. These growths are collagen fibers, fat, and small blood vessels that appear as a piece of skin hanging from a stalk.

The most common cause of skin tags is friction. When your clothing or jewelry rubs against your skin, a small, flesh-colored bump can develop. The skin tag might stay the same size or continue to grow with more friction.

Some of the most common places skin tags develop are at folds in your skin, such as on your:

  • Neck
  • Eyelids
  • Breasts
  • Underarms

It’s also believed that hormones can play a role in the development of skin tags, as many women develop them during pregnancy. People who are obese and those who have diabetes also tend to have skin tags.

When do I need treatment for skin tags?

Because skin tags are harmless, you don’t generally need treatment for them. However, if you have skin tags that catch on your clothing, they can be painful.

Integrated Dermatology of Newton-Brighton offers on-site skin tag removal services to safely eliminate the extra skin. The practice recommends professional skin tag removal over at-home remedies to prevent skin damage, bleeding, and infections.

How are skin tags removed?

A common method Integrated Dermatology of Newton-Brighton uses to remove bothersome skin tags is cryotherapy. In this treatment, your provider applies liquid nitrogen to the tag to freeze and destroy the tissue.

Other options available for skin tag removal include:


Electrocautery uses a heated needle to burn the skin tag and destroy the extra skin tissue.

Surgical excision

If you have large skin tags, your provider might opt to remove them using a scalpel or scissors.

The dermatology experts focus on protecting your skin throughout your treatment and can treat multiple skin tags during the same appointment. Skin tag removal may leave a small scar, but your provider does everything possible to avoid scarring.

If you have skin tags that bother you or make you unhappy with the appearance of your skin, schedule a consultation online today or by calling the Integrated Dermatology of Newton-Brighton office nearest you.